We determine together with our clients their needs and objectives by being attentive.
“We had an awesome experience working with Mistral. The team quickly grasped what our needs were and made some excellent suggestions. We would receive frequent updates, and deadlines were always respected. They always responded quickly to our questions. There were never any problems when we asked for changes or slight adjustments, and these were always completed in a shorter time frame than they would quote. Working with the Mistral team was fun and stress free and at the end, the quality of the product we received was exceptional!“

- Anne Hébert, CEO
Bingham Law
"JA New Brunswick is proud to partner with Mistral Communication, as event presenters of the prestigious JA New Brunswick Business Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony. These dynamic professionals are results driven and deliver on-time, creative solutions. At JA New Brunswick, we really enjoy the partnership we have with Mistral and always appreciate the courteous service we receive."

- Connie Woodside, President & CEO
JA New Brunswick
"For 25 years, the Capitol Theatre has been the region’s premiere arts and culture centre. But we knew we were failing to convey the feeling that our patrons have while attending all manner of performances in such a beautiful venue. The team at Mistral crystallized the message we had been trying to convey and is directly responsible for increasing attendance, revenue and shifting our organization’s brand perception from traditional to exciting – ensuring our leading position in the market for the next 25 years to come."

- Kim Rayworth, Managing Director
Capitol Theatre
"Working with the team at Mistral is more than just a partnership; they treat us like family. They truly listen to what we need and produce amazing results, sometimes under tight deadlines. They often know what we need before we have even truly figured it out ourselves. It is a pleasure to work with a team that is always on the forefront of what is on trend and on how best to use our funds to their maximum potential."

- Kristal LeBlanc, Executive Director
Beausejour Family Crisis Resource Centre
"Working with Mistral is easy. The team is creative and very well organized. With Mistral, we know our deadlines will be met. They add a lot of intangible value, and working with them is a real pleasure!"

- Andrée Savoie, President and Chief Executive Officer
Adelin Proprieties
"No matter who the graphic designer is for our project, we know that when we work with Mistral, we always get a high quality product. Annie will say that she is lucky to be able to count on such a talented team. She's right! The leadership, passion and trust of this team make our projects fun and simple."

- Annie Duguay, Director - Director - Communications Services
City of Dieppe
"When I assign a project to the Mistral team, I know I won't be disappointed. Right from the beginning, I feel that it's in good hands. Timeliness and attention to detail: that's how I would describe Mistral's work. Dealing with Mistral means having a dynamic, young and cutting-edge team working with you."

- Carole Lanteigne, Communications and Public Relations Advisor
UNI Financial Cooperation
"When I think of Mistral, the first words that come to mind are expertise, meticulousness and creativity. In addition, I love working with this great team for the quality of its work, its warmth and its amazing ability to make every one of my projects an absolute success. Thank you Mistral for your amazing collaboration!"

- Chantal N.-Losier, Policy Analyst and Owner
Viminio Recherche et Analyse
"We appreciate the professionalism of the staff at Mistral Communication. They always listen to our needs and offer an excellent and fast service. It's a real pleasure to work with them!"

- Johanne Lévesque, Director
"We hired Mistral a few years ago to design and create a variety of promotional materials and we have always been extremely pleased with the result. It is a team that is genuinely attentive to the needs of its clients, that does not seek to impose a pre-established style, that innovates and that completes your project on schedule. Mistral is just like a member of the team of the Fédération acadienne de la Nouvelle-Écosse. Thank you for your dynamism and professionalism and long life to Mistral."

- Marie-Claude Rioux, Executive Director
Fédération acadienne de la Nouvelle-Écosse
"Working with Mistral means having an outstanding product and service. Every project we worked on together was successful both for creativity and efficiency. With Mistral, my projects attract attention in a positive way. As far as graphic communication goes, you can't get any better!"

- Pascale Paulin, owner
Forté Communication
"At the Conseil économique du Nouveau-Brunswick, our motto is to support New Brunswick businesses, and it is always a pleasure to work with the Mistral Communication team as part of our projects.

Their creativity, listening skills and customer service make them leaders in their field at the provincial level. As its name suggests, the Mistral team brings a breath of fresh air to Francophone entrepreneurship in New Brunswick."

- Thomas Raffy, President and Chief Executive Officer
Conseil économique du Nouveau-Brunswick