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Promotional tools
For our “yummy” project with Dairy Farmers of Canada (DFC), we developed beautiful kiosks and mouth-watering Mason Jar-shaped recipe cards to promote the health benefits of dairy products.

Branding and promotional tools

Mistral has had the pleasure of collaborating with several community organizations for great projects like the Beausejour Family Crisis Resource Centre.

Mistral379logoIMG 5477CRCFB kiosqueMistral380Mistral386Interior Poster Frame Mock Up Free PSD
Branding and promotional tools

The Capitol Theater wanted a brand image to draw attention to its 25th season. It is a great opportunity to celebrate 25 years of success and rich programming. The promotional items we developed have been hugely successful thanks to their modern, festive and entertaining image that highlighted the rich programming of the Capitol Theatre.

Capitol rectangle 01Capitol cercle 01Capitol carre 04Capitol carre 02Capitol carre 01Capitol rectangle 02Capitol carre 03Capitol cercle 02
Branding and promotional tools
We partnered with the Kent Centre for Prevention of Violence to develop various products to support the organization in addressing and eliminating violence in all its forms.

Centre de Kent pochetteCentre de Kent cahierCentre de Kent PPTCentre de Kent cahier2Centre de Kent pamphletCentre de Kent pochettecercleCentre de Kent pamphlet2shape
Branding, packaging and promotional tools

Mistral is very proud to contribute to thesuccess of local companies. As big fans of Adorable Chocolate's products, we worked with the owners of the company to create a strong and consistent visual image to promote its delicious products.

AdorableChocolat Cover
AdorableChocolat bonbons
Adorable BannerAdorable cahierAdorable fichesAdorable PPT
Adorable chocolatetcafeAdorable billboardAdorableChocolat sacsAdorableChocolat boiteAdorable scorpionAdorable scorpioncercleAdorable scorpion2
Promotional Tools

For the Société Santé et Mieux-être en français du Nouveau-Brunswick, we have designed and formatted a variety of publications, from annual reports to pamphlets and recently a health guide for newcomers. We have developed for each product a healthy visual design adapted to every audience.

Guidesante nouveauxarrivantsSSMEFNB Carre 01SSMEFNB Cercle 01SSMEFNB Carre 03SSMEFNB Carre 04SSMEFNB Carre 05SSMEFNB Rectangle 03
SSMEFNB Cercle 02SSMEFNB Rectangle 02
Visual identity and promotional items
In order to communicate the expertise and freshness of Downeast Cape Bald Packers products, the branding was revisited through multiple elements of promotions and design, while maintaining a professional consistency.

Downeast Carre1Downeast Carre1Downeast Carre2Downeast Cercle1Downeast Carre3Downeast Carre1Downeast Carre1
Branding and promotional tools
What excitement around the launch of this craft apple cider produced by Verger Belliveau, which enjoys great momentum! SCOW is a reference to our heritage, a tribute to the crews and builders of the region who worked on the "scows", the boats that carried goods on the Bay of Fundy in 1932 during the early years of the orchard.

CARRE ItemsCARRE KegScow Rectangle 01Scow Rectangle 02Scow Rectangle 03Scow Rectangle 04Scow Rectangle 05
Branding and promotional tools
The reputation of BINGHAM Law is well established. The largest independent law firm in New Brunswick to offer bilingual services wanted to refresh its visual image, and we accompanied them in this creative process. We developed a design that goes right to the point and that is inspired by the inherent values ​​of the firm: experience, efficiency and excellence.

Bingham cercle 01Bingham rectangle verticalBingham carre 01Bingham rectangle 01Bingham rectangle 02
Annual reports and balance sheets

Confident, progressive and innovative! These are the new guidelines of Assumption Life's visual identity. It is a strong image that moves away from the more conservative approach used by similar companies. It is a dynamic and proactive look that reflects the openness that characterizes the company and the diversity of its services.

RECTANGLE H portfolio templateCERCLE01 portfolio templateCARRE01 portfolio templateCARRE02 portfolio templateCERCLE02 portfolio templateRECTANGLE 02 portfolio templateRECTANGLE 03 portfolio template
Promotional items
Giving back to the environment is important to our team. That is why we are proud to help the Atlantic Wildlife Institute by donating our services. Our contribution amplifies the range of awareness of the organization’s cause.

AWI carre 01AWI cercle 01AWI rectangle 02AWI Brochure 01AWI Carre 03AWI cercle 02AWI carre 02AWI carre 04AWI rectangle 03
Branding and packaging
A new microbrewery was established in the Dieppe region. It has been a real treat for us to participate in the creative process to give momentum to Cavok Brewing Co. by developing its brand image and the "look" of the Léger Corner, Foxtrot, Petitcoudiac, East Coast Pirates or Runway 11 beer cans.

CAVOK rectangle 01CAVOK rectangle 02CAVOK carre 01CAVOK Cercle 01CAVOK Rectangle 02CAVOK Rectangle 03 



Promotional tools
We collaborated on several occasions with the Centre de formation médicale du Nouveau-Brunswick (New Brunswick Medical Training Center), which is located on the Moncton campus of the Moncton University, to create various products: leaflets, annual reports, business cards, etc.

CFMNB rectangle 01CFMNB cercle 01CFMNB carre 01CFMNB carre 03CFMNB carre 04CFMNB cercle 02CFMNB rectangle verticalCFMNB carre 03
Promotional tools
It is always a source of great pride to be associated with the success of local companies that have a good reputation internationally. ECO Technologies, which is based in Caraquet, specializes in dredging, a very specialized sector. We loved the challenge of creating an original visual identity that not only brings forward a compelling key message, but also encapsulates the company's purpose.

EchoTech Rectangle 01EchoTech carrre 01EchoTech cercle 01EchoTech carre 02EchoTech carre 03EchoTech kiosque
Branding and promotional tools
We have developed several promotional products to promote the various services and programs offered by the Continuing Education Office of the Université de Moncton. On each occasion, we recommended a visual approach that is simple in order to reflect the image of the university as an institution while emphasizing the pleasure of learning.

FormContinue rectangle 01FormContinue rectangle 02FormContinue cercle 01FormContinue carre 01FormContinue carre 02FormContinue carre 03FormContinue rectangle 03
Branding and promotional tools
You may have noticed, we have a soft spot for the food industry, and over the years, we have developed an expertise that we use for our customers like Gourmet Chef Packers, in Shediac, which makes value-added seafood products for the world's greatest chefs.

GCP rectangle 01GCP carre 01GCP carre 02GCP rectangle 02GCP cercle 01GCP carre 03GCP rectangle 03GCP rectangle 04
Branding and promotional tools

With the hosting of the games in Moncton-Dieppe, the Mistral team was able to have fun with bright colors and crazy characters to reflect the vitality and inclusion of the 7th edition of the Jeux de la Francophonie canadienne 2017. We developed a strong and complete image for young people burning with pride!

JeuxFC CoverJeuxFC Book 01 JeuxFC BannerJeuxFC SpeakerJeuxFC Book 02JeuxFC Book 03  JeuxFC Book Pictogrammes
JeuxFC Pictogrammes
JeuxFC Shirt JeuxFC PubJournal
Packaging and promotional tools
Over the years, we have developed a close relationship with OCEAN PIER, which has trusted us to create the visual image of boxes of international products all tantalizingly delicious. Our commitment to create attractive boxes is a renewed pleasure every time.

Rectangle OceanPierRectangle2 OceanPierRectangle3 OceanPierCarre OceanPierCarre2 OceanPierCarre3 OceanPierCarre4 OceanPier
Branding and promotional tools
Let us return to the basics, to the natural elements, to what is essential. We immersed ourselves in the USVA spa nordik project with great delight. We developed a refined brand image that invites you to relax in an incomparable and unique environment. Serenity, well-being, relaxation with a touch of Scandinavia... 10 minutes from downtown Moncton.

CARRE USVA6 templateCARRE USVA2 templateRectangle USVA4 templateCARRE USVA4 templateCARRE USVA4 templateRectangle USVA4 templateCARRE USVA6 templateCARRE USVA templateRectangle USVA4 template
A major producer and supplier of apples in the Atlantic region, a true institution in southeastern New Brunswick, Belliveau Orchard has diversified its production in recent years. New products came on to the market, and Mistral was at the heart of the adventure to create a unique image for Acadian products that are equally unique, whether it is the limited edition of the Evangeline cider or the CROOKED fruit wines.

VERGER Rectangle 01VERGER Rectangle 02VERGER Carre 01VERGER Cercle 001VERGER Cercle 02VERGER Rectangle 03VERGER Rectangle 04VERGER Carre 02
Visual identity and promotional items

Confidence, expertise and success are the new guidelines for the RDÉE’s visual identity to demonstrate their ability to develop the business and employability of Canada’s Francophone and Acadian communities.

RDEE Rectangle1RDEE Carre2RDEE Carre2RDEE Rectangle2RDEE Carre4RDEE Carre4RDEE Rectangle3RDEE Carre6RDEE Carre6