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Branding and promotional tools
You may have noticed, we have a soft spot for the food industry, and over the years, we have developed an expertise that we use for our customers like Gourmet Chef Packers, in Shediac, which makes value-added seafood products for the world's greatest chefs.

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Branding and packaging
A new microbrewery was established in the Dieppe region. It has been a real treat for us to participate in the creative process to give momentum to Cavok Brewing Co. by developing its brand image and the "look" of the Léger Corner, Foxtrot, Petitcoudiac, East Coast Pirates or Runway 11 beer cans.

CAVOK rectangle 01CAVOK rectangle 02CAVOK carre 01CAVOK Cercle 01CAVOK Rectangle 02CAVOK Rectangle 03 



Branding and promotional tools
Let us return to the basics, to the natural elements, to what is essential. We immersed ourselves in the USVA spa nordik project with great delight. We developed a refined brand image that invites you to relax in an incomparable and unique environment. Serenity, well-being, relaxation with a touch of Scandinavia... 10 minutes from downtown Moncton.

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Annual reports and balance sheets

Confident, progressive and innovative! These are the new guidelines of Assumption Life's visual identity. It is a strong image that moves away from the more conservative approach used by similar companies. It is a dynamic and proactive look that reflects the openness that characterizes the company and the diversity of its services.

RECTANGLE H portfolio templateCERCLE01 portfolio templateCARRE01 portfolio templateCARRE02 portfolio templateCERCLE02 portfolio templateRECTANGLE 03 portfolio template
Visual identity and promotional items

Confidence, expertise and success are the new guidelines for the RDÉE’s visual identity to demonstrate their ability to develop the business and employability of Canada’s Francophone and Acadian communities.

RDEE Rectangle1RDEE Carre2RDEE Carre2RDEE Rectangle2RDEE Carre4RDEE Carre4RDEE Rectangle3RDEE Carre6RDEE Carre6
Branding and promotional items
After a few years, the Bureau du recrutement étudiant at the Université de Moncton has a visual identity of its own. Dynamic, young and modern, their new visual approach has shown an ongoing success.

UdeM Rectangle1UdeM Cercle1UdeM Carre1UdeM Carre2UdeM Carre3UdeM Rectangle2UdeM Carre4UdeM Cercle2

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